Project SPARK- Igniting Change in the Hudson Community



What could you do with $10,000 to improve our community?
The Hudson Community Foundation wants to hear your ideas!

HCF will accept proposals from any individual, group or organization looking to impact the Hudson area. Your great idea will be reviewed by HCF board members who will select three finalists and present them to the Hudson community for final selection of the winning Project SPARK idea! Here’s how you apply:

Create a document to describe your project by answering the questions below. Limit your proposal to three 8.5×11 pages and include a separate page for your budget.

  1. Who are you? Provide information about yourself and/or the group or organization making the proposal.
  2. What’s your SPARK idea? Describe your project and why it is a good idea for the community. Let us know the situation, opportunity or issue your idea will address in Hudson.
  3. Can you make it spark? Let us know how you plan to bring your idea to life by answering things like how many participants will be involved in the project? How long will the project take to complete? After the project is complete, let us know what your plan is to keep the project up and running.
  4. What does it cost? Provide a budget that outlines the total cost of the project and an estimated cost breakdown of materials and labor as well as any other associated expenses.

Send your proposal in by September 15, 2018 to:

Project SPARK

Hudson Community Foundation
c/o St. Croix Valley Foundation
516 Second St., Suite 214A, Hudson, WI 54016

Applicants will be notified if they are a finalist by September 30, 2018. Please note that there are no age or affiliation requirement for applicants. All ideas are welcome.

To request a Hudson Community Foundation Board Member to present to your group, or if you have questions about the project, please contact us through the St. Croix Valley Foundation at (715) 386-9490 and our President, Amy Schneider, will return your call. Thank you and best of luck!

2015 Spark Winner in HSO “The Bee Project gets a sweet start”

VIA – Author Meg Heaton


It was a cold blustery day but that didn’t keep close to 200 people from turning out for the launch of The Bee Project.

The event was the first in what could become an annual event over the next few years if all goes as planned by Danielle Vogler. It was held Saturday at Camp St. Croix. Vogler’s project is the first to win the Hudson Community Foundation’s SPARK grant to fund the next good idea for the Hudson area.

The project to increase the bee population in the area by planting wildflowers that will attract them and the valuable work they do pollinating all kinds of plants, many critical to the food chain.

At the center of the project at Bee Bombs, a product manufactured in Hudson by Plantables. The company was started by the Schreibers and employs people of all abilities. Jim Schreiber was on hand and was moved by the response his company and employees, “those not often included in the workforce,” have received from the community.

The bee bombs, more than 10,000 of them, contain 15 wildflower seeds in each of 50 clay balls in a box. Participants receive two boxes. The bombs are just thrown into a designated area onto soil and with water or rain will create a perfect place for bees.

Schreiber said the method of planting was used by Native Americans and keeps the seed from becoming food for birds and other animals. He said the method is gaining popularity again all over the world including tomato bombs in parts of Africa.

Jerome Rodewald of the St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association explained the challenges of managing honey bee colonies. Ana Heck of the University of Minnesota Bee Squad told the audience “how bees do it” and the current status of the population in the area.

All the bee bombs have been distributed for this year but they will be distributed again next spring and after that for “as long as the $20,000 grant lasts” according to Vogler.

For more information go to The BEE Project Facebook page via the web address