Current Leadership

Each of our board member is an ambassador for philanthropy and enhancing the Hudson community. Feel free to reach out to a board member you may know for more information. Specific questions about setting up your own fund personally or for your organization can be coordinated with HCF and our parent organization, St.Croix Valley Foundation.
Back Row, L to R: Adam Bast, Sheri Marnell, Mary Claire Potter, Rachel Seroka, Tracy Habisch-Ahlin, Maureen Fassbinder, John Knutson, Claire Zajac, Maureen Wegleitner. Front Row L to R: Amy Schneider, Ethan Anderson, Michel Tigan, Scott Gohmann
Board Chair Adam Bast
Vice Chair Tracy Habisch-Ahlin
Treasurer  Ethan Anderson
Secretary Michel Tigan
Outgoing Chair Amy Schneider
Alan Burchill
Maureen Fassbinder
Scott Gohmann
Tracy Habisch-Ahlin
John Knutson
Sheri Marnell
Rachel Seroka
Michel Tigan
Maureen Wegleitner
Claire Zajac

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