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Playing It safe on the Virtual Playground
On October 25 Hudson Middle School students and their parents can hear Alison Feigh, program director at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, talk about how to play it safe online and in cyber space.
The daylong program, sponsored by the Hudson Community Foundation and the Hudson Middle School, will include a presentation by Feigh to all middle school students during the day and an evening presentation by her to parents and their students and the public. Feigh’s presentation to the students is entitled “Protecting Your Online Footprint.” She will talk about making healthy choices online and about the dangers found there. The idea is to alert them to risky behaviors including sexting and cyberbullying and warning flags they should be aware of. Feigh says, “This training is designed to empower adolescents and give them tools to make healthy decision as they gain independence.” The evening session which is free and open to the public is entitled“Navigating the Virtual Playground:
Healthy Choices and Worrisome Pitfalls for Today’s Youth.”

The program is not just for parents but also grandparents and caregivers.

Feigh encourages parents to bring their students with them to get the message together

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