Heroin Awareness Piece Mailed to Hudson Familes

As a follow up to our community forum on Heroin in Hudson this past summer, the Hudson Community Foundation took a few more steps. The first was to open a fund specifically for Heroin Awareness and Prevention that allowed community members to donate towards an ongoing effort.

Several families impacted by heroin donated their time to our first fundraising effort during Pepperfest. These dollars, in addition to some personal contributions, allowed us to close the gap in some community awareness.

Through some conversations with key organizations, we learned that students do receive and will receive more info on the dangers of substance abuse. The gap Hudson Community Foundation saw was the parents of kids as young as middle school, all the way through the age of 18, not realizing how close this issue could be to their own kids. The pdf below is the mailer we sent out to every family that was within that category.

The piece is introduced with a letter signed by several Hudson families whose lives have been touched by the nightmare of heroin. The piece lists signs to look for, what could lead to a heroin addiction, and some resources for more information.

More than anything, Hudson Community Foundation wants families to have information if they see someone in need — and potentially share this information with their entire family.


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